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Friday Fun

This afternoon i decided to put down the comission work and have a few hours of fun trying out some ideas for cloth/robes,with the intention of making a monk.This changed very rapidly into something else though .. . .
Me and Nina have been playing alot of DoW (1+2)recently so i decided to go for some Warlock fun.What you see in the pictures is less than 2 hrs of work,this was deliberate as i was pushing myself to see how much i could do in as little time as possible.
I started out with a quite complex armature, the head ,arms and wire for the sword all being twisted together.
This is also the first miniature in about 10 years where i put no forming layers on first to let dry then build onto,another purpose of this test became trying to get the exact amount of putty on to do the job ,by the complex process of guesstimation.
This became quite tricky as the figure would bend backwards as i worked the front and forwards when i worked the back.The wire for the sword also came loose during working it and was wobbling quite freely !.
Its not supposed to be a Miniature of finished quality etc just getting the right amount in the right place as quick as possible.
But aside from this i hade less than 2hrs but more than 90 minutes of putty juggling,discovered a few tricks but most importanly it was a fun way to wind down from the working week.
Disclaimer ,i don't own the copyright for Eldar Warlocks this was just a test for me (i did have Connery in mind for the original Monk idea ála Brother Baskerville from The name of the Rose).So it will go with all my other testbeds as a reminder of what i've learned.

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